I am excited to announce¬†the latest site — . The design of the site is dark, sleek and modern and uses the WordPress BeTheme (which I do recommend–tons of awesome options!). If you need a site for your business, let me know via the contact page. Launches

I’ve been so busy doing the work and I haven’t written about any of it! The Gray Agency was launched earlier this year, with lots more updates to come (though most will only be visible to tax clients–so become one!). was updated for Anderson’s Nutrition to the new branding […]

Updates & Site Launches

Ok, so I’ve been playing more and more with jQuery. Here’s my take on showing off my portfolio, where I give a brief on each project and include a screen-shot.¬† This also uses the cool reflection.js for the images, and provides a simple progress stepper. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript">// […]

jQuery quick slideshow

Well, Zillow still hasn’t gotten back to me with a way to show the region’s listings, so Relocator will just have to exist as a “Job Near Friends Finder” (or just as “Jobs on a Map”). Still using the LinkedIn, Indeed and Facebook API’s. If you use it and have […]

Relocator Released!

OK, so now I’ve got jobs being listed… and mapped. And a bonus from LinkedIn, an easy-to-install, no login required widget. The user will have to be logged in on LinkedIn to use it, but it will show any connections to companies that come up in the job search. Now […]

More Mashup Progress

Fun and troublesome! Mashup in progress Issues: Installing PEAR on shared GoDaddy server, thanks to Abby and Win’s Blog Getting Zillow data (easy!) Altering GoogleMapAPI.class.php (from Moving from PEAR DB to MDB2 (what I used for reference because DB is deprecated in the latest version of PEAR) changed function […]

Creating a mashup